What We Offer

How Much Does A Website Cost?

We're often asked "How much does a website cost?" and we understand that often you just want to know the bottom line. The reality is that this question is just like asking "How long is a piece of string?" since nearly all individuals and companies are different and that's the same with their website requirements. We can help you by giving you a guide of what you can expect to pay and though these figures will change depending on your project, we just think it's helpful to provide you with a guide.

What We Offer

Putting You In Control

We want to put you in control of your own website so we build websites using our own, easy-to-use, editing tool which means you can edit the site when you want, without hassle or any knowledge of how websites work. It's all password protected and perfectly secure and in fact, this site uses that same editing tool. You can upload pictures, add new pages and all this is done so that search engines can find your site easily.

What's Usually Included?

  • 5 Editable Pages - We usually find that this is enough for most people.
  • A Domain Name - A domain name is last part of the website address you type in. For example this website's domain name is websiteme.co.uk. We help you find a domain name that suits your needs.
  • 5 Email Accounts - If you have your own website, you'll want to send emails from that domain name so we give you some email addresses to use.
  • An Email Contact Form - It's really important that when people visit your site that they can get in contact with you easily.
  • Modern Template Design - We don't want to give you a website that looks out of date the moment it's live so we keep a keen eye on current trends in website design without going overboard on "trendy" fashions. To help with this we usually ask for three websites you like and three you don't.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every website requirement is different so visit the Contact Us page now with your details and we'll get in touch to discuss your requirements.